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Whether you have a portfolio of properties or are a reluctant landlord you're running a business. And if you're running a business you need to be filing a tax return. If you haven't already done so, now is the time to get everything in order. Whether you file your own return or use an accountant the deadline is looming.  

In the UK owning your own home has always been an aspiration. It's seen as an achievement to buy your own home. But is that an outdated view? Do young people still have the desire to buy their own home? Many no doubt still do aspire to buy a house. But many people of all ages now prefer to rent. Indeed, the private rental sector has never been so strong. This is great news for private landlords of course. But why do some tenants prefer to rent rather than buy? 

It's fair to say that when they advertise their property few private landlords immediately think of including a floorplan. A landlord will typical spend a long time agonising over the words to use in their ad. They'll spend even longer trying to get the best photos of their property. Or they will pay a professional photographer to take the photos instead.