Frequently Asked Questions

MakeUrMove provide an online letting platform used by private landlords and tenants across the UK. Our mission is to improve the world of renting by bringing landlords and tenants together through people-focused technology. We have developed our platform with you in mind and have a team of professionals supporting you through the letting process.

You can register your account and set your property requirements to make sure you never miss out on new advertisements. The 24-hour platform allows you to book viewings online and we will let you know what preferences the private landlord has so that you don't waste any of your valuable time. If you need a property which accepts your specific requirements such as allows pets or DSS or Students just check the relevant boxes and we'll only show you those which match.

When you have found your property submit your application online or over the phone with our team of letting agents, we don't charge any fees to you and neither do our landlords. You may be asked to pay a holding deposit whilst we check your application, and this will then be used towards your deposit and rent when the tenancy begins.

Do you charge tenant fees?

No, we do not charge tenants any admin fees in relations to application or tenancy creation.

How do I register with MakeUrMove to receive property alerts?

You can search for available property here or sign up for property alerts here.

How do I book a viewing for a rental property that I have seen advertised by MakeUrMove?

If you would like to book a viewing for a property you saw advertised on MakeUrMove, you can make a request by clicking 'Book A Viewing' in the listing. You will need to register your account or log in and proceed.

Who will I be meeting at the viewing appointment?

Most of the time, you will be meeting the private landlord at the viewing. Sometimes the viewings are accompanied by the existing tenant or a representative. If you have any questions that were not answered at the viewing, please contact our team.

Do I need to have reference checks completed?

In most cases, yes. You will need to pay a holding deposit and complete an online application which includes reference checks. We are partnered with the best reference agencies in the industry. You will receive an application form to complete online making this convenient and quick for you.

I am self-employed, can I still apply for a property?

We will require an accountant reference or at least three years of history of self-assessment returns to verify your income. We may also require bank statements. In some circumstances, we may require a guarantor and/or rent in advance to proceed with your tenancy.

Do I need to come to your offices to complete my application?

No. All our services are processed online and we will email you with the application form.

I have a poor credit history, can I still apply for a property?

Before we proceed with an application, we carry out pre-checks to determine what requirements the landlord may have and what we need to obtain from you. In some circumstances, you will need a guarantor or rent in advance to be accepted.

I have a CCJ or bankruptcy order, should I tell the landlord?

Yes. A holding deposit is obtained from you before we proceed with your application. If you do not tell us in advance of anything, which may result in a failed application, the cost of checks will be retained from your holding deposit.

We recommend you use a free checking service to check your credit score. If you have any concerns, please speak to our letting agents who can advise you on the best course of action.

How much do I need to earn in order to get a tenancy agreement?

We have a minimum requirement of at least 2.5 times the monthly rent income. We will need to verify this either with your employer or through other means as requested during your application. It is advised that applicants tell us in advance if you do not earn enough to pass this requirement, so we don't proceed with an application which may result in you incurring charges for failing.

I am planning to sub-let the property to make some extra cash, is this legal?

Your tenancy agreement will not permit you to sublet your property, whether it is for long term or short term. If you wish to do this, you will need to get your private landlords' permission and have this drafted into a specially negotiated agreement.

We will not provide you with any advice on this matter - you and your landlord will need to check your legal obligations and permissions, which may be required with your local authority.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor will act to guarantee the terms of your tenancy, they will agree to all the terms within the tenancy and will need to pass reference checks before signing this.

Who can act as a guarantor?

A UK resident over the age of 18 years who will not be living at the property and can provide proof of income, which is a minimum of three times the monthly rent. They will also need to have a good credit history with no CCJ's or bankruptcy.

Can my partner, friend or family member move in?

You will need to tell us about all occupiers that will be living at the property, whether they are named on the agreement of not. Identity documents will need to be checked and a record of this made for all occupiers over the age of 18 years old.

It is important that you do not have too many people living in the property and it is best to notify your landlord if there are any changes.

Who do I pay my deposit to?

Your landlord may collect your deposit directly and will arrange to protect it with an approved deposit scheme. If we are collecting the deposit, we will provide you with the details of the scheme and provide a confirmation once it has been protected.

How do I end my tenancy agreement?

To end your tenancy, please notify your landlord in writing, and MakeUrMove if you pay rent to us. You cannot normally do this if you have a minimum term, for full details, please check your tenancy contract.