A check-out report should be conducted as soon as possible after a tenancy has ended. Ideally, the tenant should be present to discuss any observations made. Take away the stress of completing this process yourself by arranging for our independent clerks to do this for you. They will attend the property at a pre-arranged time to document the key return, take meter readings and also report on the condition of the property.

The check-out report is used to check that the property is returned in the same condition it was given at the start of the tenancy. A properly completed check out report will provide an accurate description of the condition, which when compared with the inventory and check in report will help to identify any specific variations including deterioration in the condition of the property, and/or any missing or damaged items which can be attributed to the tenant. Without a check-out report it can be extremely difficult to prove liability, which is vital in order to successfully claim any retention's on the deposit to cover any costs of damages, cleaning or repair/replacement which may be required.

An independent clerk will attend the property at a pre arranged time with a copy of the original Inventory to perform a check against it. A report will be produced with detailed photographs and observing the condition of items, fixtures and fittings at the end of the tenancy. In addition the report will note the party which has responsibility for making good. It is a vital tool when dealing with deposit disputes.

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