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Tips for moving into a rented apartment when you have children

Tips for moving into a rented apartment when you have children

Moving into a new home can cause anxiety in even the most laid back of people. It's often a chaotic time trying to organise removal companies, energy suppliers and landlords. Moving home is a very exciting but incredibly stressful event, and if you've got children, those stress levels will go through the roof especially on moving day. Whether infants or teens, kids make moving into a new home more complicated. And if you have pets as well as children those pressure valves are even more likely to blow.

But before you even think about the logistics of moving day you have to find the right apartment. If you're looking to rent with children there are some fundamental criteria any new rental has to meet:

Is the apartment big enough?

Obviously, you'll consider whether there is enough room for the family. But also bear in mind, if you're moving from a house there is likely to be less space in an apartment. It's not just a matter of fitting in the family but also the furniture you already possess. You may need to consider disposing of some items.

Is it close to schools?

Location is probably the biggest single factor in deciding the suitability of a family apartment. And the most important element of location is the nearness of schools. Finding an apartment close to suitable schools for your children can be difficult. They'll be lots of competition from other apartment hunters. But finding the right property in the catchment area for a great school should be a priority.

Does the local area have the amenities and facilities a family need?

Shops, transport links and leisure facilities. All are high on the list when looking at any property but especially so when you're trying to find an apartment suitable for a family.

What about pets?

Many families will have pets but unfortunately not all landlords are lovers of our furry friends. Before getting too far down the road with any apartment do check the landlord is pet friendly.


Let’s assume you’ve ticked all those boxes. How do you cope with moving not only yourself and the kids along with assorted furry hangers on into a new apartment? Here are a few tips that will hopefully ease the strain a little.

It’s not only you that’s going to feel the pressure

For children moving home can be even more of an upheaval than it is for adults. You’ve done this before, and you know what’s involved. But this may be the first move for a child. Even if they’ve gone through it before, leaving the home they’re familiar with and the area and friends they know can be traumatic. Try and soften the impact of the move by taking the children around the new neighbourhood, show them the new apartment and spend some time in the area before moving day.

Moving day pains

The kids will want to help out on the big day. At least the younger ones will, teenagers will probably want to do anything but help. Nevertheless, it may be best to schedule moving day for when the children are at school. You’ll have less things to worry about on the day if you know the kids are safe in class. And they won’t be getting under your feet when you’re trying to move a sofa.

Let the children unpack

When the kids do return from school – no doubt to find everything has gone smoothly and the adults are serenely calm – let them unpack their own stuff. It’ll add to the excitement and will help them settle into their new home.

What about the dog

Just like the kids it may be best if Rover sits this one out. Maybe a friend or relative can spoil him for the day? Or why not treat him to a stay at the kennels so you can get all the chaos out of the way before introducing him to his new home? It’ll be less stressful for everyone.

Pizza all round?

At the end of moving day who has the time or inclination to cook? Get a chilled bottle of something out of the fridge and order pizza for everyone. The perfect end to a stressful day.


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