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How To Handle Same-Day Tenant Turnover Efficiently

Same day tenant turnover is pretty much an ideal scenario for any DIY landlord. The current tenant moves out and the new renter moves in on the same day. It means absolutely no break in the rent payments which is obviously what you as a landlord will want.


Benefits of same day tenant turnover


As we've already mentioned the main benefit of same-day turnover is you won't have to deal with void periods. There's no interruption in the flow of rent payments. This is so important for your business. An empty property can lead to financial issues with the most serious not being able to meet buy to let mortgage payments.


It’s bad enough if you’re a single property landlord. But if you have a portfolio any void periods can have a cumulative effect with expenses mounting up with no income to meet them. So, for every landlord same day tenant turnover is a worthwhile goal to go for.


What could possibly go wrong?


Unfortunately achieving same-day tenant turnover isn't that easy. Moving different tenants in and out of your property poses plenty of logistical issues. Any unforeseen delay can cause problems and if one tenant falls behind the schedule it can cause more than a little chaos.


But it's not only actually getting the tenants in and out of the property which poses a challenge. There are so many things to do. You have to take meter readings, complete an inventory and check in the new tenant. But you also need to check out the current tenant. And don’t forget the final inspection.


The key to same-day tenant turnover


Unsurprisingly, it all comes down to organisation. And it certainly does take some organising. But if you're running the business on your own managing property efficiently isn't always easy. Especially if you have a property portfolio.


But using the MakeUrMove property management service will take off some of the load. For a low monthly subscription MakeUrMove can find you a tenant, conduct viewings, take a deposit and draw up tenancy documentation, arrange an inventory and check tenants in and out.


So, you can achieve same-day tenant turnover. With a little help.


When same-day tenant turnover is impractical


There is, of course, one potentially huge obstacle in the way of successfully moving tenants in and out on the same day. The property has to be in tip-top condition for the new tenant. But sometimes that simply won't be the case. You may have to schedule an end of tenancy deep clean. Or arrange repairs.  And it’s inevitable you’ll need to decorate at the end of a long-term tenancy. All of these tasks are easier when the property is empty.


A same-day alternative?


An alternative to same day tenant turnover is ending the current tenancy on the final day of the month and beginning the new lease on the first day of the next month. This is a 24-hour turnaround but is more manageable. There’re still no void periods but it just gives everyone a little more time. It also provides some breathing space, if anything unexpected occur.


DIY landlords listing their rental with MakeUrMove take only an average of 12 days to let their property.

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