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10 Simple Ways To Make The Most Of A Small Space For Landlords And Tenants

10 Ways To Make The Most Of A Small Space For Landlords & Tenants

Modern properties are getting smaller. Most of us will need to make the most of smaller rooms in our homes. Sometimes inspiration isn't easy to come by so here are our top ten ideas for both tenants and landlords on making the most of any small space.


How Tenants Can Make The Most Of A Small Space


The first rule is that you don't want to do anything which could put your deposit at risk. So, no hammering nails to hang pictures or drilling holes for shelves. And definitely no painting the walls in a garish shade of purple. However, this does restrict you somewhat.


Easy ways to make a small space seem bigger are to hang mirrors and paint the walls. Neither of which you can do. But there are other simple and inexpensive ‘tricks’, you can use to make the most of any small space. Here are our top 10 tips on doing exactly that:


1) Striped rugs. It's amazing how effective this is. A large striped rug has the effect of making the space seem longer.

2) Hidden storage. Use tables or occasional furniture such as an ottoman in a bedroom which includes storage space. 

3) Choose one large piece of furniture. A sofa will actually make a room seem less crowded than two or three chairs.

4) Let in loads of natural light. Rip those nets down. Lots of light and a view out of a window increases the perception of space.

5) In the bedroom make full use of a headboard. A headboard can include shelving and storage space and takes up far less space than standalone units do. Also, a freestanding mirror can create an impression of space without having to hang it on the wall.

6) Still in the bedroom. Buy a bed with under bed storage. Not a divan, but one which lifts up to reveal hidden storage. You can get so much more in there than a divan. And it frees up more space in the room.

7) Cut down on the clutter. A few pieces on shelves or tops of cupboards will enhance any space. But lots of cluttered ornaments and knickknacks can shrink a room very quickly.

8) Go minimalist. Building on the no clutter theme as in try not to cram too much furniture into a small room. Less is more. If there is just you at home do you really need a sofa and a couple of chairs? Can visitors make themselves at home on foldable chairs which can be easily stored away?

9) Selective lighting. Instead of relying on a single overhead light use lamps to create pools of light around the room. This will create an illusion of space.

10) Choose your furniture wisely. Extendable tables, storage beds, low profile sofas. Use utilitarian furniture when possible - a table can be used as a desk for example.


How Landlords Can Make The Most Of A  Small Space


Space, or the sense of it, is an important selling point when you or your agent are conducting viewings. Here are ten simple low maintenance tips to make the best use of space in any small room in your rental.


1) Paint in neutral tones. The lighter the walls the more spacious the room appears to be (at least when it's empty).

2) Although your tenancy agreement may prohibit renters from hanging mirrors there's no reason why you can't do so yourself. A large mirror in the living room will make it seem so much bigger.

3) Don't use blinds which hang halfway down a window. And never hang net curtains. You need as much light as possible flooding in to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

4) If you add shelving to any room use floating shelves. The difference between the usual fixed shelving and floating shelving is astonishing. Position the shelves higher up for maximum effect.

5) Paint the ceiling. Extending the wall colour onto the ceiling makes any room look taller and bigger.

6) If you're letting a furnished property pull the furniture away from the wall. It sounds counter-intuitive but backing a sofa against a wall makes a room look cramped.

7) In very small rooms keep things off the walls. Shelves or even wall art can make a very small room close in around you.

8) Recessed ceiling lights are a great way to increase the sense of space.

9) Box in radiators. A bare radiator seems big and ugly in a small room.

10) Don't forget the garden. Trim bushes and hedges to increase whatever space you have outside.


There are many creative decorating ideas landlords and tenants can explore, so don't be put off by small spaces.

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