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Looking after your property in every season: Are you doing it right?

Looking after your property in every season

Keeping a rental property in tip top shape is an all year-round job. From summer to winter, every season presents its own challenges and maintenance and repairs are an ongoing process. But it would be a mistake to think of this as purely the landlord’s responsibility. Tenants too have their role to play in ensuring their home is in the best possible condition, no matter what the time of year. 


Seasonal home maintenance for landlords and tenants


In this article we’ll look at practical steps you can take to maintain your rental. And we’ll include tips for both landlords and tenants.




The most punishing season of the year. Properties will take a pounding and the extreme variations in weather we see in the UK can take its toll on any property during the winter months.




·         Service the boiler and heating system. Demand is obviously higher in winter and the boiler must be ready to meet the extra workload.

·         Insolate and lag pipes before the frosts begin.

·         Service electrical appliances.

·         Repair cracked roof tiles.




·         From the ground visually inspect the roof and guttering for damage after storms and immediately report any issues to your landlord.

·         Check your windows and doorways after rain to ensure they’re still sealed.

·         Cut back any summer / autumnal growth in the garden.

·         Make sure drainage points are clear of debris and leaves.

·         Bleed radiators before the onset of the cold spell.

·         Make sure any external and security lighting are working fine.



Spring is a chance to recoup after the ravages of winter, but there’s still some jobs to do.




·         Thoroughly inspect the roof and chimney for damage.

·         Clear guttering of winter debris.

·         Test smoke alarms.

·         Prune trees and overhanging branches.

·         Remove any climbing plants which can damage brickwork.




·         Clean windows and doorframes.

·         Check fences and decking for damage and cracks.

·         Check external taps. Make sure they still work and haven’t frozen over winter.




Everyone enjoys the summer sun, but there are lots of maintenance jobs to do, especially in the garden.




·         Thoroughly inspect the property and ensure it’s free from pests. Fix any possible ingress routes for vermin and rodents.

·         Schedule any major maintenance or repair work for the long summer days.

·         Service air conditioning units.

·         Repair external fencing and replace weak posts.




·         Ongoing care of the garden. Mowing, weeding and pruning regularly will keep outside spaces in order.

·         Keep outdoor areas free from rubbish. The summer months are peak season for pests and accumulated rubbish will attract them.




Autumn is not only the time to wind down from summer but also to prepare for the onrushing winter.




·         Seal gaps in doors and windows.

·         Repair brickwork.

·         Clear autumnal leaf fall from guttering and shed roofs.




·         Wash windows and doorframes.

·         Ensure drainage points are clear from debris.

·         Do a final clear up of the garden before winter hits.

·         Check security lights and replace bulbs where necessary.


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