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Landlord jailed after throwing tenant out on to street

A landlord who threw a tenant out on the streets without his shoes when he failed to pay his rent has been jailed for unlawful eviction.

Jay Allen, 30, forcibly evicted Chris Blades after he ran up £900 of arrears on the rental property in Sheffield.

Allen had no court order and recruited a friend, Razwan Mohammed, to physically push him out.

When Mr Blades, 28, told Allen, who has previous convictions for assault and affray, that he was breaking the law, the landlord replied: “Do I look like I care?”

Judge Roger Keen QC said Allen, who earns £2,000 a month from seven properties, tried to ‘dominate and frighten’ his tenant. He jailed him for nine months.

Mohammed was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment suspended for a year, with a seven-day tagged curfew from 7pm to 6am.

Allen was one of six men who went on trial two years ago, charged with conspiracy to murder Safrajur Jahangir, 23, who was shot behind the wheel of his car in August 2009. The nine-week trial collapsed after defence lawyers discovered they had not been shown potentially vital evidence.

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