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5 Top Tips When Taking Photos of Your Property

When looking for rental properties prospective tenants want to see what it looks like inside, it helps them to imagine what it would be like to actually live there. Yet, let’s face it, a lot of the photos on rental websites simply show the front of the property or just a dimly lit interior. Photographing your property need not be difficult, it just requires you to have a think and to play around with some different ideas.
Here’s our 5 top tips to help you get started…

Tip 1 – Lighten up

Lighting your photos properly is tricky – you want your property to look bright and spacious but too much light can cause your interior to look dark, dull and underexposed.

Try experimenting with different angles, artificial lights and at different times of day to find the perfect balance of light and try not to use the flash (it leaves horrible shadows and bright patches).

Tip 2 – Don’t just stand there

It is pretty natural to stand in a room and start shooting some photos, but shooting standing up means you are always looking down at an angle on the objects in the room. This may sound pretty minor, but photos taken at an angle distort the dimensions of the room. Try using a tripod (always a good shout anyway) and taking the shot from a lower, flatter angle for more composed, professional looking shots.

Tip 3 – Compose yourself

You want to show off the furniture and other furnishings to prospective tenants but without the property appearing cluttered. Be sure to have a tidy before you start snapping away and think about the composition of the shot. Try moving things around a little, experimenting with shots from different parts of the room to see what looks best.

Tip 4 – Framing

It’s not by any means necessary to frame every shot you take, but some shots can really benefit from a good frame. Corridors, for example, are difficult to make look interesting and rarely have much perspective. Using a doorway or window as a frame makes the photo look far more interesting and aesthetically pleasing whilst also lending some perspective to the shot.

Tip 5 – Shoot loads of photos

The benefit of digital cameras is that you can take loads of photos at no extra cost. So make sure you do! Even if a photo looks good on the preview pane, it doesn’t mean it will always look good on the computer. Take lots of shots from different angles, with both natural and artificial lights, with and without frames etc. and see what looks best when you upload them.

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