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New emergency insurancy policy launched for landlords

An emergency insurance policy has been launched for landlords who worry that they may have to fix an urgent problem quickly.

Midas Lettings, a subsidiary of Bristol property investment company Midas Estates, has launched a landlord warranty to cover repairs to rental properties in an emergency, such as a sudden leak or broken doors and windows.

The new landlord warranty is available for £120 and covers emergency repairs of up to £500, with no excess or call-out charges and a three-month warranty on all parts.

Andrew Dillon, director of Midas Lettings, said: “This policy is designed as a back-up for landlords. 

“We manage a vast number of properties for our clients and realised that there was nothing on the market that we could offer to give them peace of mind.”

He emphasised that the new Landlord Warranty is an emergency policy and not a household buildings or contents policy, but designed to complement existing property insurance policies, and provide benefits and services which are not normally available under these policies.

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