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New online service launched for 'under notice' properties

A new service has been set up to help residential property investors looking for repossessed properties.

Move with Us has added a new function to its ‘whitehot’ property website aimed at helping buyers search and track ‘public notice’ properties that have traditionally been difficult to find.

The website will allow buyers to search in one place, monitor properties, receive email alerts at the start and finish of the public notice period and make an offer right up until the last minute.

Each public notice property lists the time remaining on the public notice, displays the highest accepted offer and provides user-friendly functionality, making it easy to make an offer on a particular property.

Robin King, director at Move with Us, said: “Until now, there has been no way to track public notice properties online, so we’ve bought the process into the 21st century. The new site will help potential buyers find properties that are under a public notice offer and monitor them with ease.

“We’ve come a long way from scouring the local newspapers for public notice properties and this will make finding them a lot easier and much less time-consuming for potential buyers by streamlining the process.”

He added that the new service will also help Move with Us clients, who include mortgage lenders, get the best price for their properties.
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