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MP in bid to outlaw 'sheer nastiness' of some private landlords

Regulation of the lettings sector is proposed in a new Private Members’ Bill. Meanwhile, the House of Lords defied the Government to approve an amendment to another Bill, which would introduce the regulation of letting agents.

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP for Islington North in London, told the Commons he wants to tackle lettings agents and ‘the sheer nastiness’ of some private landlords.

He is demanding the regulation of letting agents, who he says charge high fees, while the Bill also proposes five-year tenancies.

Corbyn told MPs: “It is high time that Parliament looked at the situation facing people in the private rented sector and introduced thorough and comprehensive regulation.

“We need to provide security, decency and reliable landlords for those people who are unable to buy and unable to access local authority or housing association accommodation.”

The Bill is due to have its second reading at the end of April.

The Lords' amendment to the Enterprise Bill will now have to take its chances in the Commons. It seeks to put letting agents on the same regulatory basis as estate agents, meaning they would have to belong to an ombudsman scheme.

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