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Cost of flatshare rises as supply tightens

The cost of flatsharing in the UK will rise this year as supply becomes shorter – partly driven by retirees looking for short-term accommodation.

Website easyroommate is predicting an average monthly rent in a flatshare to reach £450 by the end of this year, up from £430. However, costs vary enormously, from £312 a month in Wales to £625 in London.

The website says that over the last year, the number of bedrooms available for flatsharers to rent has fallen by over two-fifths (44%). Over the same period, demand has remained steady and this has put even more strain on an already stretched supply of rooms.
Since January 2012, the site has a rising number of retirees looking for short-term flatshare accommodation. Over the last 18 months the number of retired renters has increased by over a third (34%). With most looking for short-term accommodation, the trend suggests more pensioners are using flatsharing as a stop-gap in the downsizing process.

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