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Your guide to renting in Manchester

Your guide to renting in Manchester

Manchester is many things to many people. It's a northern powerhouse experiencing huge economic growth and is the second most influential city in the UK behind London. But it's also a vibrant, multicultural and dynamic city. It's the second most populated area in the UK and is home to a skilled workforce, young professionals and students.

Native Mancunians and many workers and students from around the UK and the world live and work in the city and the wider region. And unsurprisingly many look to the very healthy private sector to find rental accommodation. If you're looking for a place to rent in Manchester, we have a few tips on how to find the best property for you.

Location is everything

Manchester is a large city. But when we talk about renting property in the area, we also include Greater Manchester. Which makes it even bigger. With a corresponding increase in choice. As well as the city of Manchester itself the greater metropolitan area includes towns such as Bury, Rochdale and Wigan among others.

When you’re looking for a rental property it’s important to remember the size of Greater Manchester. If you’re working or studying in the city centre you have to take into account travelling time and transport costs if you’re looking at one of the outlying towns.

The rent and other costs

Unsurprisingly the further you are from central Manchester the cheaper the rent tends to be. You can find our list of the most affordable areas to rent in Manchester here. But our figures suggest Wigan and Rochdale are the cheapest places to find rental properties.

But as we mentioned earlier it isn’t just the actual cost of renting you have to take into account. If your commuting into Manchester travel costs have to be accounted for. If we look at Wigan and Rochdale the costs of the commute will differ even if the rents are on a par. Rochdale is an easy 15-minute train ride away. Wigan on the other hand is a more arduous and expensive 50-minute commute.

Student friendly city

Students studying in the city will find plenty of good value accommodation in Manchester itself. There are over 80,000 students studying in the area and the city is well geared up to provide everything they need.

There are three excellent universities in Manchester and there are many private landlords providing all the accommodation needed. And at very reasonable rents.

Great transport

We mentioned commuting from towns like Rochdale earlier. Wherever you choose to rent in Manchester the one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll benefit from great public transport. There are around 200 train and tram stations, extensive city-wide bus services and one of the best road networks in the UK. This brilliant transport system allows you to look further afield for the best property.

Fantastic properties to choose from

There is such a great variety and number of rental properties to choose from in Manchester. And you can find the best choice at MakeUrMove. Click here to search our list of rentals in the city.

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