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How to ensure your rental property is safe for tenants

How to ensure your rental property is safe for tenants

Safety is a big concern for many tenants when they look at a rental property. Not only in respect of the property itself and in the condition of the appliances. But also, in regard to personal safety and how secure the property is against intruders.

If you’re a DIY landlord making sure your rental property is safe for tenants should be a priority. It’ll make the property easier to market and provide your tenant with much needed peace of mind. But what steps do you need to take?

Gas safety certificate

It’s a legal necessity and as a landlord you must arrange for a gas safety inspection every year. Only a qualified gas safe engineer can carry out the inspection and at the end of it a gas safety certificate will be issued.

The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the property and its gas appliances are safe. This is why the engineer will inspect the flues and pipework as well as all the appliances.  You can make sure you’re ready for the inspection by having all appliances regularly serviced. But also replace any which are beginning to show their age.

Remember, without a valid gas safety certificate you’re unable to rent out your property. You must renew the certificate every year.  So, it makes sense to stay on top of everything with regular inspections and servicing.

Home security

As we mentioned earlier security is a concern for many tenants. Especially when the property is in an area with a high concentration of rental properties. Unfortunately, these areas can have high instances of crime.

There are some easy fixes you can make to ensure your tenant feels safe in their home. Firstly, install a security chain and door viewer so the tenant can check on callers before fully opening the door. And at night the chain provides an extra layer of security. Add extra bolts to any entrance doors if possible and make sure windows are lockable and the frames are in good condition.

Motion sensor floodlighting will give your tenant peace of mind. Especially if there’s a garden which can provide concealment for an intruder. Floodlighting is cheap and easy to install and provides assurance when the tenant returns to the property in the dark.

An alarm will provide the greatest sense of security for a tenant. And the alarm box on the side of the building also provides a visual deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

You could also install a CCTV system. The cost of surveillance systems has tumbled recently, and a four-camera set up only costs a few hundred pounds. This will provide added security and peace of mind for yourself as well as your tenant. If you don’t feel the need to provide CCTV yourself, you should allow your tenant to install cameras if they wish to do so.

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