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How To Use Furniture To Rent Your Property Faster

Use furniture to rent your property faster

One of the dilemmas you may face as a landlord is whether to rent your property as furnished or unfurnished. There's an argument for both approaches but there's no doubt furnished properties are more attractive to certain tenants. But not all furnished properties are the same. The quality of furniture and appliances can vary wildly. Those landlords who perhaps put cost ahead of quality may be missing a trick. Furniture can have a big impact when you're looking to attract tenants.


Why furniture matters


There's a large segment of the private rental market which prefers furnished accommodation. If your property is furnished it's likely you're looking for tenants in one of these sectors:


·         Young professionals. Young people probably just out of university who have moved to a new city for work. They want a turnkey home. Somewhere they can rent without having to worry about the time and expense of buying furniture and appliances. Convenience is top of the list when young professionals are looking for a rental home.

·         Company lets. When businesses rent a property for their employees, they're looking for furnished accommodation. Those who occupy the property are likely to be on short-term assignments and are often from overseas. Furnishing their own accommodation isn't an option.

·         Short-term renters. Many tenants prefer short-term contracts. They enjoy the freedom of being able to move around. They don't have, or want, their own furniture.

·         Student accommodation. The obvious market for a furnished property. No student (or their parents) wants to drag furniture around the country at the start and end of every academic year.


Each of those groups will have different expectations and demands. But within each sector the quality of furniture and fittings is important. Crucially it can be the deciding factor when choosing between two similar priced properties.


Certainly, company lets and young professionals will be looking for higher end furniture. Cheap furnishings may prove to be a false economy. Tenants in all sectors are paying a higher proportion of their income in rent than ever before. They want value for money. If your furnished property doesn't offer good standard furniture they will look elsewhere.


Good-quality and well-maintained furniture and fittings can help you rent out your property faster and attract tenants more easily.


Other ways furniture can help rent your property faster


Make your ads sizzle.


When you're marketing your property, good photos can make your ad stand out from the crowd. And one way to make your photos pop is by using your furniture as props. If you've no eye for design ask a partner or better yet use a professional photographer to take staged photos using the best furniture or appliances in your property. You'll be amazed at the difference well-staged photos can make to your ad. And how they'll help you attract tenants.


Attract more interest


A well-furnished property will appeal to renters across all the sectors we discussed above. Obviously the more in demand your property is the more choice you have when it comes to choosing your tenant.


Charge a premium rent


The better the furniture and fittings the more likely it is you can charge a higher rent for your property. This is especially true if you let to professionals or so-called 'lifestyle renters' who want the best.


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