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NEWS FLASH: Tenant Fee Ban Coming To Wales in September 2019

Whilst the Tenant Fees Act is coming into force in England on 1st June 2019, the Act will be effective in Wales on 1st September 2019, subject to it receiving Roal Assent. According to the Residential Landlords Association, the Renting Homes (Wales) Bill was debated for the last time last month, which is in the midst of awaiting Royal Assent.

The ban will make certain payments illegal for letting agents and landlords, such as referencing fees, agency ‘admin’ fees and inventories. The legislation will only allow permitted payments, such as rent, security deposits, holding deposits, utility bills, communication services, council tax, green deal charges and default fees.

We have put together a guide to the tenant fee ban, which you can read more about the key points of the Act here.

To prepare for the Act, we have already banished our tenant fees. We introduced an affordable, all-rounded package for landlords to make property advertisement and management better, smarter and easier for landlords in the UK.

As a technology company with 11 years of experience, we are constantly improving and updating our services. Without extra upfront fees, tenants are more inclined to put an offer down for the property, which means the tenant searching process can speed up.

Now with just £12pm, MakeUrMove and our ARLA qualified team will help you find tenants and be compliant. We are also Rent Smart Wales registered, which means we are compliant with the Housing (Wales) Act.

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