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How can landlords advertise on Primelocation?

To advertise on Primelocation private landlords must engage a letting agency. PrimeLocation is one of the UK's most popular property portals. It lists thousands of rentals from all around the country and receives 5,000,000 visits every month from people looking for their next home. It's the ideal place to advertise your property if you want to find a tenant fast.

But, frustratingly for private landlords, you can't list your own property on the website. That's because PrimeLocation doesn't accept listings from individuals. This is the same policy as the other two large property websites - Rightmove and Zoopla. They only accept listings from approved letting and estate agents. If you want to list your property on PrimeLocation you need the help of an online letting agent such as MakeUrMove.

Why don't Primelocation allow me to upload my own property?

It's all to do with protecting the landlord and the tenant. Unfortunately, some landlords make false claims about their properties. This obviously causes problems for the tenant. While most private landlords are ethical and beyond reproach the few, who do falsely advertise, cause issues for the many.

PrimeLocation wants to protect all parties. Which is why they only accept listings from letting agents like MakeUrMove. By law, we must be truthful when we list a property. This is how PrimeLocation and the other major property portals protect their reputation.

Why your property needs to be on PrimeLocation

According to estimates, 98% of property searches begin online. Tenants will very rarely pop down the high street or open the local paper when they are looking for a new home. They will go straight to their PC or smartphone. And PrimeLocation is one of the websites they are almost certain to visit.

The website attracts millions of visitors every month. The odds of many of those being a tenant looking for a property in your area is very high. To keep ahead of other local landlords, you need to list your rental on PrimeLocation.

How your rental can be seen on PrimeLocation

As we mentioned above the only way for a private landlord to put their property on PrimeLocation is for a letting agent to post it on your behalf. But, you should be aware not every letting or estate agent are willing or able to list your property on PrimeLocation. Only approved agents can do so.

However, list your property with MakeUrMove and we'll take care of the rest. Not only will we post your property on our own website and publicise it to our mailing list of eager tenants we'll also list it on PrimeLocation. This exposes your rental to tens of thousands of potential tenants. But that's not all.

As part of the MakeUrMove listing package, we'll also list your property on Rightmove and Zoopla. Two more huge property portals at no extra cost. With all this coverage you won't be surprised it only takes an average of 12 days to let your property with MakeUrMove.

Gain an edge over other private landlords by listing your property with MakeUrMove from just £49 or try a seven-day FREE trial.

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