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How can private landlords advertise on Zoopla?

The simple answer is private landlords can't directly advertise on Zoopla. It's a bit more complicated than that.

Whether you're a private landlord or a tenant you'll be aware of Zoopla. You'll have seen the TV ads. Those funny little hermit crabs with the houses on their backs. The constant marketing is a reason Zoopla are so popular. That and the number of properties they have listed on their website.

As a landlord, you know almost every tenant looking for a property in your area is going to search Zoopla. This is why it makes so much sense to have your rental on the website. After all, they get millions of searches every month. Your property is bound to generate interest among tenants in your area.

So you know you need to advertise on Zoopla. Surely it's just a case of writing your ad and paying a fee and you're good to go? Unfortunately not.

It does come as a surprise to many but as a private landlord, you cannot advertise on Zoopla. Only letting agents and estate agents can list properties on the Zoopla website.

Listing your property with Zoopla

You know the benefits of advertising on Zoopla. But even though you can't list your property directly it's still easy to advertise your rental on the website. MakeUrMove are fully accredited letting agents and we are registered letting agents with Zoopla as well as the other popular property rental portals.

This means we can list your property on Zoopla on your behalf. Not only will you get the benefit of exposure on Zoopla. But you also save the money and time it would take to do everything yourself.

When you list your property with MakeUrMove's Tenant Find service, we'll check listing is compliant and if it is, we will advertise your rental property on Zoopla on your behalf. This gives you an immediate advantage over other local landlords who try to market their property themselves. We will also advertise your property on MakeUrMove.co.uk.

But as a user of our Tenant Find service you get even more. As well as advertising your property we give you access to your very own online viewing diary. We screen potential tenants, arrange viewings and can negotiate terms on your behalf. We can also take care of tenant referencing for you.

Your ads will remain on the property portals for 60 days. This is probably far longer than you'll need. It only takes an average of 12 days to let your property with MakeUrMove.

Alternatives to online property portals

Of course, you may choose to rent to family or friends. In this case, you don't need to advertise your property at all. But assuming you're looking for a tenant from outside your immediate circle you need to advertise. Although you can't advertise on Zoopla yourself there are other options should you want to go down the do it yourself route. For example, you can choose to use websites such as Gumtree or Craigslist.

Using sites like Gumtree does have the advantage of being cheap. And they do attract lots of tenants searching for a property. Unfortunately, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. The biggest drawback is the sites are unregulated. You may find your property cheek by jowl with those advertised by slumlords and the tenants who use these sites are often those hoping to circumvent credit checks and referencing. There is no tenant screening unlike when you list your property with MakeUrMove.

Another drawback of Gumtree is unsolicited calls. Your ad will, of course, contain your contact number. After all, tenants need to be able to get in touch with you. But you're also likely to receive unsolicited calls from salespeople, unregulated agents and unsuitable tenants. 

Similarly, you could use websites which send you leads. They provide contact details of tenants looking for properties in your area. But again there is no filtering of tenants. Quite frankly they could be anyone. Added to that you have to arrange your own viewings and deal with the admin.

List your property with Zoopla and avoid the hassle

As we said at the top of this page there are so many benefits to publicising your property on Zoopla. Don't miss out. List your property with MakeUrMove and we will advertise your rental on Zoopla.

It only takes minutes to get started. Find tenants faster and advertise on Zoopla by listing your property with MakeUrMove the original online letting agency.

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