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Property management for private landlords

Some private landlords really enjoy the day-to-day running of their business. They want to be involved with everything. Finding tenants, arranging viewings and scheduling repairs. Not to mention collecting rent and making sure their legal compliances are up to date.

But other private landlords prefer a more hands-off approach. To be an absentee landlord. There are different reasons for this.

It may be the landlord simply doesn't enjoy or want regular interaction with their tenant. Or perhaps they have multiple properties and the logistics of managing them all is just too much.

Other private landlords may look on their rental property as a retirement or second income. In these instances, the landlord may prefer as little involvement as possible with their tenant and property.

If you can identify with any of these scenarios you should consider a property management service.

Being an absentee landlord doesn't mean your tenant or property will be neglected. Far from it. You're delegating the routine and time-consuming tasks to your letting agent.

MakeUrMove provides a property management service for private landlords.

What is property management?

MakeUrMove's property management service consists of several key components:

Rent collection

The rent is the lifeblood of every private landlord's business. It’s your cash flow after all. Collecting the rent in full and on time is important. But so is managing the situation should your tenant slip into arrears.

If this happens MakeUrMove will work with the tenant to manage the arrears. If this isn't possible for whatever reason you have the peace of mind from knowing the property management service provided by MakeUrMove includes legal expenses cover as well as rent protection. Everything you need to ensure there is minimum disruption to your cash flow.

Maintenance Management

One of the biggest banes of a private landlord’s life is the 2am phone call from a tenant needing an urgent repair. Especially when it turns out to be a leaking tap. But once you use our property management service late night or early morning phone calls become a thing of the past. We have a 24-hour emergency phone line your tenant can call to report their issue. While you remain undisturbed.

Compliance Management

Rules and regulations. No one likes them but as a private landlord, you are beholden to them. And it isn't easy to keep up. But as part of our property management service, we'll keep you informed about new regulations and make sure you don't miss any important renewal dates for your safety certificates.

Regular Inspections

It's surprising how many private landlords fail to carry out regular inspections during a tenancy. But inspections can be so valuable. They can highlight potential problems. If the tenant isn't taking care of the property or is breaking the tenancy agreement in some way regular inspections will uncover this.

Conversely, the inspections may reveal a model tenant. What could be better? So inspections can relieve a lot of the stress felt by a landlord.

What are the benefits of a property management service?

The biggest benefit? It takes away all the hassle and stress. Your property manager becomes the first point of contact for your tenant and takes over the everyday tasks which can be so time-consuming. Not to mention stressful.

Mark Pavaday is a private landlord who uses MakeUrMove's property management service. He said: "I can honestly say (MakeUrMove) take the stress out of property management. For me, the most important thing that stands out from using them is the very supportive and friendly members of staff who are willing to help with both easy and difficult situations and problems".

MakeUrMove's full property management service is one of the most cost-effective management solution on the market. Private landlords can sign up or find further information here.

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