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Ten Most Read Articles of 2017

It is the end of the year so we thought we'd have a look at what you've been reading on MakeUrMove in 2017. Here are the top 10 most read articles:

  1. The Top Five Sunniest Places To Live In The UK
  2. What Landlords Need To Know About The Tenants Fee Ban
  3. The Top 15 Mistakes Landlords Make
  4. Could The Next Property Crash Be Triggered By Landlords Selling Off Property?
  5. How Much Value Does A Downstairs Toilet Add To A Property?
  6. Decorating Tips For Landlords
  7. The Benefits Of Renewing A Tenancy Agreement Against A Rolling Contract
  8. Landlords Must Insulate Homes According To Government
  9. Seven Things Landlords Forget To Do Before Letting A Property
  10. Five Things You Need To Know About Deposit Protection

To keep up to date with changes in the private rented sector and to benefit from hints and tips for landlords please read our blog.

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