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Is your home ready to sell?

It is a seller's market and a great time to sell your home. As soon as the 'For sale' sign is put up you will have eager buyers pouring over your listing and others making an appointment to view. All of which is great news.

However, having potential buyers coming along to view your property is only half the battle. They still need to be wowed by the house before they will put in an offer.

Unfortunately, achieving the wow factor will involve plenty of work before and after the property is put on the market.

Find the right estate agent

If only selling a home was as easy as selling a car. But, it isn't and it involves a lot more work than just putting an ad in the local paper.

The first task is to find the right estate agent to sell your home. An agent whose marketing expertise and specialist knowledge will give you the best chance of achieving your asking price, whilst also selling the property as quickly as possible.

Fixed price = no surprises

A quick search on the internet will reveal many estate agencies, but be aware of hidden charges and fees in the small print which can cause the cost of selling a home to spiral upwards.

A fixed price, no sale no fee service from a reputable estate agent is the most transparent and effective way of selling your home.

Once your home is listed for sale and enquires start to come in, your agent will begin to arrange viewings for potential buyers to look around your home.

Now the hard work begins

Over time our homes become, naturally enough, extensions of ourselves. After all, we want to make them 'homely'.

Unfortunately, the more individuality we pour into our home the more difficult it becomes to sell.

It is strange, but most buyers can't, or won't, see beyond the existing decor when they have a viewing. They need to be more or less led by the hand and presented with a blank canvas so they can see the full potential of the property.

Only by showcasing your home at its best during a viewing can you hope to achieve your asking price.

Getting your home ready to sell

To get your home ready to sell, and to reach your asking price, you need to go through a process of neutralising the decor, de-cluttering each room and working on the exterior and gardens.

We have written a comprehensive blog post on how to achieve your asking price by working on the presentation of your home but the key points are:

• De-clutter. Pack away all the ornaments and bric-a-brac

• Mute bright colours and vivid patterns. It may be boring but magnolia sells

• They are your best friends but dogs have never helped sell a house. Remove pet beds, paraphernalia and eliminate doggie smells

• Make sure as much natural light as possible is flooding into the property

• Consider putting bulky furniture into temporary storage and present each room with minimum furnishings

• Most bathrooms have dozens of shampoos, lotions, and soaps arranged on shelves. Clear them away and make sure any towels are fresh and fluffy

• Deep clean, especially the kitchen and bathroom. All surfaces and taps should be sparkling

Don't forget the garden. You can see more information here but ensure you:

• Trim all hedges and make sure flower beds are tidy

• Ensure any grass areas are cut and neat

• Potted plants near the front door add colour and add a welcoming touch

• Make sure all fencing is in good repair

• Clear away all toys and bikes from the garden areas

By going through this process your home will be presented as buyers want to see it, making it much more likely a viewing will turn into a sale.

Sell your for a fixed price with makeurmove.co.uk and pay nothing until the sale is completed.

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