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Kelly's 6 tips to achieve a quick sale post offer

You’ve accepted an offer? That’s great news. But now what?

With a straightforward sale on average taking between 6-8 weeks from solicitors being instructed till completion there are quite a few things you can do to help keep everything moving.

1. Organise a survey - The first thing your buyer will need to do is have a survey done on your property. This is a requirement for the mortgage lender. Be as flexible as you can on dates for the surveyor - the earlier this is processed the better.

2. Instruct your solicitor - provide them with your identification and complete all documentation, property information form and fixtures-and-fittings list in full. If you are unsure about any sections of the forms ask the solicitor - they should be more than happy to help.

3. Speak to your managing agent - If you own a leasehold property - typically flats/apartments, although some houses are also leasehold - check with the managing agents what is required from you when you’re selling. There may be a cost to you for them to process the paperwork etc. So it is best to find out now rather than later. Also if you pay a ground rent the buyer’s solicitor will request up-to-date receipts to check that this has been paid in full. You may have these already - if so provide a copy to your solicitor.

4. Collate installation certificates - If you have had any work done on the property since you purchased i.e. double glazing, or perhaps a new boiler, the buyer’s solicitor will request to see copies of the installation certificates. So if you have them give copies of these to your solicitors.

5. Keep the lines of communication open - Don’t be worried about calling your solicitor to find out how things are progressing. They should be getting regular updates from the buyer’s solicitor on any items outstanding or any queries they have. If they aren’t then be firm and tell them you would like an update within 24 hours on how things are progressing. If you still don’t have any no luck ask your agent to get involved. They should already be following the sale along with updates from both solicitors.

6. Set a date - Think ahead about the date when you would like to complete and suggest this to your solicitor as things move along. If you need to arrange time off work in advance, ask to be able to pencil this in provisionally with your employer but explain that if things change this date may have to move - and that you will give as much notice as possible about a revised date.

Remember not all property sales are the same. Some are quicker to process than others, but it’s usually the proactive sellers and buyers who achieve the quickest completion date!

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This article is from Kelly Rimmer - Account Manager.

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