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6 ways to decorate your rental home whilst protecting your deposit

While renting a property has its perks, neutral/dull interiors and the thought of losing your deposit are not one of them. Rented or not it is still your home. So making it personal is important. Fortunately, there are now many ways to help you add your personal touch without compromising your deposit.

Here are just a few ideas of how to do it:

1. If you want to go bold with decorating your walls and add some pattern, consider leaning wallpapered plywood panels against them. This is a low-cost solution that can be rearranged as often as required, with no risk of leaving permanent marks.

2. Wall stickers are also a great option, but if you are looking for something more distinct, use removable wallpaper.

3. To add some colour to the room, without messing with the walls, customize your furniture by painting some of the items, adding patterns using stencils, or simply changing knobs and pulls.

4. A great solution to outdated bathroom or kitchen tiles are tile tattoos. These moisture-resistant stickers come in all shapes and sizes, and are available online.

5. If you want to put up frames and pictures on the walls using nails, be prepared to fill in all the holes and paint over them when you leave, or look for alternative fixtures. Command products, Washi tape, tension rods, even string/ribbon with pegs or wire will come in handy.

6. Last, but not least, while changing the flooring might not be an option, hiring a carpet cleaner, or buying a nice rug definitely is. Laying down a good-quality rug on those tired floors/carpets will put the finishing touch to your home.

Iga Maciejewska - Account Manager, Makeurmove.

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