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Kelly’s top 3 tips for getting your home market ready

1. First impressions count

Go outside, cross the road carefully and have a look at your property as a potential buyer would see it. Does it have kerb appeal?

Could it do with some assistance? If so with some minor improvements simple easy changes can be made to make it look so much more inviting; modestly priced bedding plants from the local garden centre will brighten things up, a lick of paint on the door, a brush up of the front path. If you don’t have a regular window cleaner some are happy to do a one off clean so just ask or give it a go yourself! You will be surprised how much you can do in just a few hours on a Saturday morning.

2. A cosy and inviting home:

When a potential buyer enters a house for the first time they are hoping to get “the feeling” this is brought on by the impression they get when they walk in and can see themselves living day to day in the property.

So to help with this you can do a few easy things; make sure if you have a viewing on a cold day you either have the heating on low to warm up the rooms or if you’re lucky enough to own an ever popular wood-burning stove have this lit as it’s a great feature in the room.

Bad smells can be off-putting so make sure, especially if you’re a pet owner, that you have a quick spritz of room freshener or even better grab a couple of the plug-in fresheners for continuous sweet-smelling rooms.

3. Major renovations not required:

One feedback all vendors hate to hear is “It needs too much work...” especially when you’re not exactly selling a ramshackle property last updated in 1973. But what these buyers may be seeing is that the interior is looking a little tired after years of family life.

Grab your paint brush and get painting, get all the family involved. Keep the colour neutral on the walls then add touches of colour through your soft furnishings i.e. cushions and throws. If you’re feeling really brave a feature wallpaper on a chimney breast or behind the bedhead can look great but keep it simple. Nothing too wild as it may not be to everyone’s taste.

These are just a few things you can do over a weekend to make your property look its best. And remember it’s not just for the agents’ pictures - you need to keep things looking spick and span until that offer is agreed!

Article by Account Manager Kelly Warrener.

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