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The Green Deal - Updates for landlords 2015

A number of years ago, the government introduced the Green Deal allowing landlords/tenants to apply for a grant to replace inefficient heating systems, install solar power and other items to improve the efficiency of the property.

In certain circumstances, the grant provided will require the payment of some of the costs within future gas/electric bills for the property. The additional cost is payable for a set term and is transferable to any new occupant of the property during the term of the payment schedule.

In the event an agreement has been made in regards to this, the landlord/agent has an obligation to inform any prospective tenant that this additional charge is payable prior to them making a material decision about renting the property. Failure to notify the tenant about this could result in a tenant taking action against the landlord/agent for omitting material information.

We also recommend that where an agreement has been reached the details of the agreement are listed within any new tenancy.

Research and content provided by Lora Cooper DipRLM (FARLA) (AssocRICS)

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