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Are you ready for the new EPC rules?

Landlords and letting agents from the 6th April 2012 will be required to comply with a new EPC scheme.  They will be required to produce a new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for all rental properties in England and Wales. 


This is to bring rental properties, both residential and commercial into line with the same rules as those for sale.


Property 118 reports, “The new regulations arm trading standards officers with powers to demand files from an agent to examine evidence an EPC was ordered before marketing”.


How will this affect you as a landlord?


·         EPC should be available within 7 days of marketing and included in marketing particulars

·         Prospective tenants are entitled to see a full copy of the EPC when viewing the property

·         The new EPC design also replaces the current information with a much clearer layout

·         This is aimed at encouraging improvements by landlords to their property for energy-saving


But I already have a valid EPC for my property…


Don’t worry; you do not have to buy a new certificate


What happens if you fail to adhere to the new regulations?


Amer from Landlord Syndicate points out, “A failure to comply means you face fines of up to £200 for residential properties and £5,000 for commercial properties, so it makes sense to fall into line with the new regulations!”


What can Makeurmove do to help?


·         You can order an EPC to ensure your compliance on our site for only £48+VAT https://www.makeurmove.co.uk/page/landlord-services

·         If you already have a certificate you can upload this to your account and store alongside your property particulars


Asa, Sales Director, Makeurmove






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