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Do I need to include kitchen utensils with my rental property?

Assuming your property isn't a holiday let you may not have considered providing kitchen utensils for your tenants. Even private landlords who provide fully furnished properties are unlikely to include utensils on their list of furnishings. But is it something worth thinking about?

Why you should consider including kitchen utensils with your rental property

At the end of the day everything comes down to managing tenant expectations. The higher the rent the more the tenant expects. And rightly so.

If, for example, you are a landlord specialising in corporate lets. Your tenant will expect plenty of extras. And that includes furnishing the kitchen with utensils.

It's a similar story if you are a private landlord with a premium let. Your tenant will expect those little extras. Whether that is a microwave, top of the range hoover or kitchen utensils. For private landlords operating at the higher end of the market those little extras aren't optional. They are necessary to ensure you attract the tenants you want at the rent you want them to pay.

Why every landlord should consider utensils and other extras

But it's not only landlords at the higher end of the market who should consider stocking their property's kitchen with utensils and even teaspoons.

It's always worth going the extra mile as a landlord. Finding tenants and keeping them happy is so important. A contented tenant, one who feels valued, is far more likely to pay their rent on time. It's not a direct correlation of course but it definitely helps. And providing extra touches like kitchen utensils can make a big difference. Especially if you are renting to younger single tenants who may not have their own things or the spare budget to buy them.

Above all providing extras such as kitchen utensils shows the tenant you are a landlord who values their renters. And starting the landlord-tenant relationship off on a positive note has to be beneficial to everyone.

The other side of the coin

There are two sides to every argument. And there are plenty of private landlords who wouldn't dream of providing items like utensils. They would argue the expense far outweighs any benefits.

There is also finding the time to replace lost, damaged or stolen items before the start of every tenancy. It's just a hassle to account for everything. And trying to claim for missing utensils from a tenant's deposit - is it really worth the time and effort?

Another argument against is the average tenant won't expect utensils and other extras to be provided. They will bring their own anyway.

All in all many landlords will believe it is too much effort. Why not simply let tenants provide their own utensils? But as we have seen there can be advantages. You pay your money and take your choice on this one but anything which can make a tenant appreciate the property and the landlord more has to be worthwhile.

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